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Akita Minami Shirakami Fujisato

Minami Shirakami Base

We offer children, families with children, and people living in the metropolitan area who have no access to the countryside the opportunity to live in the countryside or satoyama and participate in rural communities.


What is Minami Shirakami Base?

Minami Shirakami Base is a base for people visiting Minami Shirakami to have a good time. In addition to being used as a lodging facility, it can also be used as a workcation facility for teleworking.

Minami Shirakami Base

Background of the birth of Minami Shirakami Base

While Fujisato Town is blessed with a rich green environment, the town is aging and the population is declining. Minami Shirakami Base is a place where people from outside the area can interact with the townspeople, with the hope that outsiders will be energized by nature and delicious food, and that local residents will be stimulated and energized by the interaction. We want Minami Shirakami Base to be a hub that can revitalize the townspeople, the local residents, and the entire area.

There is no hustle and bustle of the city here, nor any bright neon lights. Why not get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and have some time for yourself? We are waiting for you at Minami Shirakami Base, a base in the countryside that is worth visiting.


Fujisato Genki Juku, which operates Minami Shirakami Base, was founded on October 1, 2010. In order to brighten up the area where the aging population is progressing, they are working on environmental conservation activities such as preserving firefly habitats and rice terraces.

Recently, we have focused on efforts to expand the number of people connected to the farm, focusing on running farm inns and working with university student groups, with the cooperation of supporters, mainly in the Tokyo metropolitan area, Sendai, Akita, and other areas.

Fujisato Genki School website:

Vacant house renovation

Minami Shirakami Base not only offers accommodation, but also allows you to experience the countryside from various angles .

Would you like to experience the "rented countryside" at the foot of Mt. Shirakami?

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Minami Shirakami


If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at the following address.

【contact address】
​・Telephone number: 0185-74-6102
​・Address: 52 "Nemaru Base", Fujikoto, Fujisato-cho, Yamamoto-gun, Akita Prefecture, 018-3201

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